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SEO Makes “Search-Friendly” Websites

Is your website “search-friendly?” Does your website actually show up in the first few pages if someone does a search related to your business? Unfortunately for most businesses, your potential customers do not know that your company exists. That is why they are doing a search on Google! So, if someone makes a queary in Google, what is the likelihood that your website will appear on the first page of the results?

The reality is that most websites and home pages may as well be invisible. Unless a potential customer types in your exact url, such as, your website will not appear in the first 5 pages of any search. There are two basic reasons why people cannot find your website.

One reason is the Website is not built in a way that the Google “bots” that continually crawl the internet can readily understand it. The information needs to be structured and formatted so that it’s easy for the bots to “read” and compare your information to other websites.

The second, and most important reason, is that your website does not have enough original content (your website is penalized for copying information from others) about your product or service. The quality of your information establishes your expertise and demonstrates why your website deserves a high rank in the results for a search. In the end, the search engine compares your website about your service to all the other websites anywhere that offer similar services.

When someone initiates a search, in half a second, Google checks it’s databank of all the pages that seem most relaevant and displays them in order based on the words used in the search. This order is based on the “pagerank” of the different websites. Google will also take into account geography so that you don’t even have to put your location or phrases like “near me” anymore.

SEO and Pagerank

Your “pagerank” is based on the quantity and quality of information on your website. Your website requires lots of information that explains your product or service and demonstrates why you are superior to other businesses. The quality of your website means your site will appear higher in the results. The rank of your website significantly increases when others link to your website and show that your website is valuable. So, when you provide quality information that is helpful to people, more people will link to your website or consult it for information. Google sees that and raises your pagerank accordingly.

Making your website “search-friendly” requires someone writing a minimum of 25000 words (5000 is better) that highlight and explain your business. The aim of that writing is to provide a wide-ranging description of your business. Using as much vocabulary and related terminology about any background, relevant issues and your specific product or service is evidence of your expertise. The more complete your description and use of different vocabulary to explain everything about your business, the more likely that Google’s search engine will rank your site on the first page for different searches.

The goal of SEO is to make your website “search-friendly” by having lots of excellent, original content about your business that is organized and structured in the best way for the search engine to understand your product or service.

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