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Finding Customers

Marketing Your Business online

"Who cares?"
Who is it that needs to learn about and use your product or service?

The answer to “Who cares?” is your market. How do you bring them to your business online? Marketing is using effective means to bring your product or service to the front of mind of your potential customers. People are not searching for the name of your business. How will they find your website and learn about your business if it does not appear when someone searches for your service?




How are you marketing?

Who are your customers and how can you best attract them? SEO, a Social Media strategy, and/or Email marketing services.


SEO will attract more customers to your site. Email marketing is a very effective way to alert people to your service, specials, etc.

save to the cloud

Cloud services allow easy use, storage and access to information from anywhere. You can subscribe to services monthly.


Use an RSS feed, Blog, create automatic emails for responses, and one click to post on FB, Instagram, Twitter all at once.

Frequently asked questions

Web or Digital Marketing is the use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, display advertising, and other channels to reach consumers. Optimizing your website for search engines is an important means to attract customers when they search. Using display ads can be effective but involve more costs. Email marketing is an active approach where you target specific types of people or businesses who could benefit from your product or service. 

It is very effective. On average, Email marketing has the highest ROI of any digital marketing initiatives, including paid ads.

Typical results are 15-25% of respondents will read the email, though I have consistently achieved over 40%.  Just like a flyer, someone will read a well-titled and relevant email for them. A targeted message with a specific topic will hopefully generate people to click a link in the email  to go to your website. The ratio of people who click on the ad after reading the email is the click-thru-rate or CTR. The CTR should be about 2.5%.

A great subject title is crucial for attracting interest in the email that is sent initially, but quality information and content is what people desire long term, so it is always beneficial to provide useful help and resources due one’s expertise in your communications. How does your service meet their need?

We can generate lists for you.

The only recemmendation that I would make for certain is that your website should be built to maximize SEO since this can be done from the outset and will always increase your traffic as well as your overall page rankings over time.

Using paid Ads on Google or Facebook, Email Marketing, Blogging or Social Media can all increase knowledge of your brand and increase sales. Each of them will involve additional investment, though Blogging would only require your time, if you did it. One should choose wisely how and through which  format you wiil budget ad spend. Some formats are better for some types of businesses than others when it comers to getting your best bang for your buck.

Blogging is an excellent means that many business owners use to promote their brand. Blogging is effective because the Blogger is dealing with a subject they are passionate about and believe they have expertise to benefit others. When it is your passion and you do the writing, it only costs you time. What are the issues or needs that your product or service resolves? How does your target audience need to be educated about the value of your service and anything else that is related to it? How does the consumer benefit from the product or service in general? What are causes of concern? Safety or health warnings?  

Email marketing has proven to deliver the best return on investment over time and offers lots of flexibilty for targeting and measuring results. You can arrange permissions, build contact lists, grow your brand through providing relevant infomation, and attach coupons or incentives for sales,. Email is a great tool for business to business (B2B) marketing since you can target specific businesses and industries.

Social Media offers opportunites for more active engagement with consumers. Some busnesses, especially fashion, for example, use influencers and Instagram to great effect. Facebook offers opportunities for creative social engagement along with paid ads that can be targeted to one’s perspective audience.  Twitter offers a different way to engage. Content is the most important element in a post, so you build followers by displaying your expertise in your area and/or benefitting others, usually with words (some images).

Paid SEO. Many firms that offer SEO services  are not offering  SEO based on achieving organic search results from how the website is built and content that demonstrates one’s expertise in the area, which drives higher page rankings, as explained above. Most firms use a strategy of a combination of writing 10-100 short articles per month, published in some free and paid online directories, along with blogging or paying for facebook or other social media monitoring and engagement in order to raise a website’s ranking. I don’t recommend these services,and usually they are taking advantage.