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What is Search Engine Optimization and How Does it Help?

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Search Engine Optimization

Primary Features and Steps for SEO Implementation on a Website

Does your website demonstrate your knowledge and expertise about your product or service? Every time someone does a search in Google or any other search engine, there could be millions of results. Where you rank in the results depends on how the search engine understands your website and the service or product you offer compared to everyone else who mgiht have something relevant on their website.   

It is not enough to have a website and a menu to find your services or products. The search engines send out little robots (“bots”) crawling through all the websites and sending information that is used to determine where your site will rank depending on the search.

You make your website stand out (“optimize it”) by providing written content (at least 3000 words) on your site that describe your business activities in detail and provide background that provides evidence that you are a trusted source for this kind of search. For example, if your buasiness was laundry pic-up, cleaning, and delivbery, you might specialize in cloth diapers. So, you could have 2000 words about cloth diapers, why they are environmentally good, how they are made, how to clean, and whatever else you want to write about cloth diapers.  If someone did a search for “cloth diapers” or “cleaning cloth diapers” or similar things, it would be highly likely that they would show up on the first page for some results because of all the content about cloth diapers. 

5000-7000 words is better to aim for when beginning your website for your business. The written (and audio/video) content should provide relevant information and describe your product(s) or service(s) using a variety of terms and expressions that a. exhibit your expertise; b. a potential customer might type in to start their search.

Domain name refers to the name of your website: “”. It is useful to have your service or product associated with the name of your business and what it is. For example, a website for residential painters may want to have”painting”, “homepainters/ing” or something like that as part of their name, as in “”.It is crucial that the url for every page provides descriptive information about your site. The url is the address for the page that is shown at the very top of each page. For example, your home page might be Then, when someone clicks to see your page for “Testimonials” what often appears is this: 


Instead of “Testimonials”, your url should further describeor promote the busieness, which is reflected in the content of the page. For example: “”

The meta title and description refer to the way a website appears in a search result. When someone initiates an enquiry, half a second later there are miilions of results. If Google recognizes a search for a business, then it will provide several businesses on a map near you. Then there are up to four ads that appear much like the ten search results that follow for each page.

The ten search results are shown using the same format. First, at the top is the url address: Second, the meta title appears in blue. Third, underneath the meta title is the meta description in normal black type.  The title allows for 600 pixels in characters, so it can contain  40 to 70 characters, depending on how wide they are. “W” takes more space than “i”. The meta description  can be up to around 155-160 characters. If you use too many characters, then “. . .” just apppears where the title or description is cut off at the end.

Although the title and description are not part of search ranking, they definitely affect whether one chooses to click on your title and description when your website appears as a result. They are like front-line ad copy that should help entice someone to click.And, the more often people click will raise your page rank in general. Each result appears as below:

Income Tax Services for Home and Business

TAXMAN: Income Tax Services for Home and Business.

TAXMAN provides income tax services for home and business. We can file your T1 or T2 online and provide instant refunds! 3 locations in Halifax serve you!

Search engines generate the meta title and description for every result. The search engine generates one from the first information on your site unless you makes specific titles and descriptions for each page. These are written into the backend of the website that only the “bots” can read. Each meta title and description, like the urls, should develop aspects of your business using terminolgy that a customer might employ.

Written and video content shape how your website is perceived by people as much as by computers. Information is key to demonstrate your expertise in your business, and the impact of the information on your audience can be improved by the way you structure the imessage. 

Headings can be used to reinforce and highlight different terms for search engines, but it also is helpful for readers. The structure helps the engines and attracts readers, and th more time people spend on your site and come back to it, the higher your page rank will be.  

Sub-headings and captions are additional ways to use terms and ideas that relate to your business and customers. In the end, you find as many ways to talk about your business as possible.

Alternate text, like meta titles and descriptions, is information that is written into the back end of photographs and is not visible on your website. Alternate text is important to make your website accessible for people with vision difficulties because you can provide a written description of the image. However, you can add material here that relates the use of the image to your core business. 

For example, I have two different images of Cheetahs. The alt text for one of the images is as follows: 

Image of a Cheetah moving towards the back of a tree. It is hunting, searching just like people do online. They use certain words to describe what they seek. Search engine optimization or SEO is the attempt to capitalize on the vocabulary that a user would use for that product or service.

Speed and site performance are important factors when it comes to your page rank. Images and videos can be large files that take longer to load. They can be reduced or compressed in their “digital” size, meaning how many kilobytes or megabytes are required without affecting whether they can appear as 8.5″ x 11″  photos. The size of files, as well as the order in which they are loaded can make a big difference in the speed of the site.

Adding content regularly is an important way to continue to appeal to the search engines. Adding content and information is a means to employ more terminology and keywords that someone may use for a search and to express your expertise in your area of business or service. 

Blogging is an ideal way to continue to add information because it is also a great way to engae your audience at the same time. You blog about a passion and, hopefully, build an audience of people who share your interests.

Amazing Things for You

Do you realize that with every other individual or web business that you are responsible for providing all of the content and the web developers just take your content and put it on the site? Do you know that hosting will cost $10 + per month and you have to buy a Domain Name (web address ) for your service? 

Certainly, there are specifics about your business that you want to be  precise and clear about. However, would you also prefer to leave the rest of the description of your business to a specialist in the English language? 

Every aspect of your website (ex. urls, menu terms, photos, colors, headings and content about your business) should be built around and tell about your business and the value you bring using the ideas and terms that someone might use to search on the web. This is the foundation for strong organic (or natural) search results that should bring your site to the first page for any number of google searches.

I have an earned doctorate degree (Ph.D.), have numerous publications, and specialize in written and spoken communication in English. Do you need a new website? What about hosting? Slogan ideas? Email marketing?