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90% of all websites NEVER appear in a google search.

Elephant obscured by tree or hiding. SEO uses terms to bring your website out of hiding and more visible when someone searches for your business on the internet.
Imagine your website is behind just one tree in a whole forest of sites.

90% of clicks occur on the FIRST PAGE on organic SEO results (below the ads)!

Shows an elephant almost full view. Search engine optimization hels usersw find your website when they use certain key search terms, which have been employed throughout your site in irder to attract traffic.

Search Engine Optimization
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Building a website that is Search Engine Optimization friendly makes it easier for the google bots to "see" you are a match for a search and to put you on the first page!

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  • Created to Maximize Search Engine Optimizatin
  • Responsive Design so your site looks great on any device!
  • Unlimited Emails and Storage
  • Turbo hosting (20x normal), for faster speed and raises SEO rankings!
  • Built on WordPress Platform
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Choose Your Preferred Design
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console (merged with Analytics)
  • Social Media Links and Icons
  • Ability to Contact by Phone from Website on a cell
  • Accessible
  • SEO Optimisers provides customized, original content for your website that is written by an expert in research and writing. Original content is the most important quality for ranking in Google searches.

  • Creation of a Customized Slogan for your Business.

  • Backend descriptions for meta titles, meta descriptions, alternate content for images to enhance Search Engine Optimization

  • Payment and billing is on a sliding scale based on your income and/or state of business. Do you know that over 90% of websites never show up in a search at all? You have to google their exact website name in many cases. How is a website helping to grow your business, if it doesn’t show up in a search? So, let me help you grow.

    I can build you a website that will have results on the first page, which will bring you business. It will take me 80-100 hours to do that because it takes time to research, write, and present 5000 plus words of original content. Getting your website ranked for Google search results through search engine optimization involves numerous factors.

    I invest in you by building a website that works for a down-payment and then you pay me back based on your sales. Isn’t that fair? I’m pretty sure that this is more than fair because I’m funding your website in order to work with you to help grow your business. Then, you can pay me more (that we negotiate) when the website or email campaign generates earnings for you.
Dr. Tim McLay

Frequently asked questions

Unless your business is very small, a Website can be very valuable for attracting new customers, IF IT IS BUILT PROPERLY. Too many  people pay for websites that no one will ever find, which is a waste.

Over 90% of websites never even appear as a search result according to the article you can access here.

Implementing features to enhance search engine optimization requires the ability to create a strategy for the website as a whole and writing original content in an engaging and informative way. Lots of content is the means by which you can describe the business as broadly as possible, employing different vocabulary to explain the business.

Expertise in writing is key to using and combining vocabulary terms in as many ways as possible in order to raise your page rank. People who may be interested in your service or product could start a search using any number of words or combinations of words. Your content displays that you have knowledge and expertise and your website will have searches where you are on the first page or even the top result!e

Having a website is helpful for any business as a means to inform and engage your customers. However, in most cases, it is only your current customers or someone who is specifically looking for your business by name who will ever find your website without paying for some form of additional digital marketing or using SEO.

In most cases, unless someone types in the specific name of your business, including the correct url ending .ca or .com etc. for the domain name, your business will not appear in the Google search results until the fifth page or even later.

The reason that most websites do not appear in search results for Google or Safari, which are the primary search engines for pc and Apple users, is the engines don’t know enough about your business based on the way the website was/is built.

In some cases, your business may appear if a specific term is part of the name. This is why building a website in order to “optimize” the “bots” information about your website for the search engine is the most cost effective way to attract potential customers to your website.

The search engines have little robots “bots” crawling throughout the web universe and providing information to their search engine brain that provides a page ranking for your website when someone initiates a search.

For example, I just did a search for “renovations” and discovered that only three local renovation businesses appear on the first page after the standard map at the top, which usually offers three local results. One of the three results is one on the map as well. However, we should also note that the only reason that these websites appeared in the results is because they have the word “renovations” or “reno” in threir name and their url (website name) as well.

On the second page, there are five results, currently for me, out of ten that are local businesses. One of them is the FB page for a business from the first page, and the other four all have “renovation” in their domain name (e.g. The other 12 results include lists and infoirmation about renovation in general.

Do you think that there are lots of other constructiuon companies that do renovations? Renovation is a more specific term within the field of consturction, but not even one large construction company appeared in the first seven pages for this search. There were only a few more results for local renovation companies and there was only one company that showed up on the top of the fourth page that did not have “renovation” in it’s domain name. That company was a “home improvement” busiess.

In the same way, if we search “construction”, only a few local construction companies appear on the first page and all of them have “construction” in their domain name. None of the companies from the earlier search of “renovations” appear in the first seven pages and the results that do match local companies represent various types and sizes of construction companies (residential, highway, commercial, specialized).
There are dozens of small and large construction/renovation companies in this city. Hardly any are even appearing in the results, especially in the first couple of pages, and, if we changed our search terms a lttle, even fewer would appear.

For example, “when I just searched “remodel basement”, not one construction company appeared at all until the top of the fifth page . . .and it was located in Toronto! All of the other search results were tips and ideas for renovations.

SEO makes it so your website will appear on the first page and in the first few pages for numerous searches.

If you owned a construction company specializing in repairing damage, adding extensions, and new construction of houses, wouldn’t you want to appear on the first page for different searche that could include diverse search terms like “renovations”, “”construction”, “remodel basement”, etc.? That is what SEO does.

The above pattern iillustrates that most websites will  only appear in  a specific search that might not even relate to the specific type of “renovation” thre person was searching for. These findings are repeated regardless of the industry or type of business one may search. Very few businesses have well designed werbsites using SEO that put them on the first page for varying searches. Most businesses have websites that may only appear in one or very few specific searches and do not appear even in the first five pages or more for most any other search that is related to their scope of business. This is disaterous when people don’t search opast the first page 80% of the time.

Search Engine Optiomization is structuring and formatting the content of your website in such a way that search engines are able to understand the nature of your service or product and give your website a high page ranking when somneone engages in a related search.

The good news, I am able to research any industry and build your website using SEO in an affordable way for you.

Search engine optimization focuses on increasing results for “organic” searches. This simply means increasing the natural abiliity of the search engine bots to find and understand your business for search results as opposed to paying for ads. Organic search results are a very low cost, high return investment when building your original site and the work continues to bring results. Good SEO can save you a lot of money for paid ads.

Paid ads through Google are based on the searcher using key words, and they can attract customers . . . but they are an additional expense that can add up.

I am an experienced researcher and writer. So, I am able to quickly learn about any industry in order to write content that will be favourable for SEO and page rankings that are affordable for you.

Let’s be honest. That is my question to you. What do you expect to invest in order to make more money? I can build you a website that you can’t afford now in order to increase your earnings. What should I expect in return from you? 10-20% is a common sales commission. We can measure results in order to pay me $3000-$10,000 over time for a $15,000-$30,0000 Seo-friendly website that attracts business.